It's Here...My First Album!

The Indianist Movement is a musical movement from around 1890–1920 describing the surge of compositions related to or based on the music of Native Americans.  Hundreds of compositions written during this time incorporated various aspects of Indian folklore and music gathered by ethnologists into Western art music.  The Indianist Movement resulted from many factors in our nation’s political and social history as well as a quest for a compositional voice that was uniquely American.  One prominent genre within the Indianist Movement was the Indian Character Piece.  This expressive piano genre was an effective way for composers of the Indianist Movement to portray musical themes and folklore of Native-American tribes.  Eventually the enthusiasm for using Native American material died out and left a large body of piano literature collecting dust, out of print, and virtually unrecognized. 

This recording features solo piano works by Amy Marcy Cheney Beach, Arthur Farwell, Feruccio Busoni, and more on the Albany Record label.  A few of the pieces have never been recorded.  Many were re-published in my books The Indian Character Piece: Native-American Influenced Piano Works from the Early Twentieth Century, Volumes 1-2 (available through Ludwig Masters Publications).

The CD can be purchased on  Amazon or directly from Albany Records

Additionally, a downloadable recording is available on iTunes, google play, and amazon music.  

Breaking Ground: A Celebration of Women Composers

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In June 2017, MSR Classics released a collaborative CD with trombonist Dr. Natalie Mannix (University of North Texas) and pianist Dr. Stephanie Bruning (Morgan State University). Breaking Ground: A Celebration of Women Composers features music by American Women spanning the last half century. It is available on the MSR web site as well as Amazon and iTunes.  Order Here