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When I began the 21 Day Fix with Beachbody I had loads of questions about the eating plan.  In many ways this plan is MUCH simpler than any other nutrition plan once you get the hang of it. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Where can I order extra containers?

If you are looking for extra containers, you can order them separately through the Beachbody website.  Although, you may run into them at Walgreens or Walmart, the knock offs don’t have the exact same measurements.  In fact, the first set I bought on Amazon measured LESS for each container than Beachbody’s.  Here is my Beachbody site to order the real thing.  


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How does the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan Work?

After you calculate your target calorie bracket, you can start planning your meals.  Essentially, you pick items from an extensive food list (all clean eating) and measure out your portions.  I recommend eating every 2-3 hours to get your metabolism burning and keep you satisfied throughout the day.  This is NOT a starvation nutrition plan…it focuses on eating the right foods in correct portions 5 or 6 times each day.

Are granola bars or protein bars allowed on the 21 Day Fix Plan?

Why, yes they are!  Many granola and protein bars are highly processed and have a lot of added sugar, but there are a few that fit the bill.  Kind Bars and Aloha bars are both great.  If they are grain based, I count them as a yellow and a TSP, if they are all nuts, I use them as a blue and a TSP.

What if I’m not hungry? Do I have to eat all of my containers anyway?

Listen to your body, if you aren’t hungry, then don’t force yourself to finish.  The goal is to spread containers throughout the day so that your body never feels hungry.  If you are on the other end of the spectrum and you ARE hungry at the end of the day…try adding a green.  If that doesn’t cover it, add another red.  Shakeology really helps minimize cravings, so try adding that into your day too.

Do I have to drink Shakeology? Won’t any protein shake due?

Shakeology is a whole lot more than a protein shake.  It provides your daily vitamins plus a whole host of other superfoods to fill in nutritional gaps to curb cravings, provide energy, and improve digestion.  Yes, you can drink something else, but there is NO substitute currently available that provides the same benefits to your body as Shakeology.  As a skeptic turned devotee, I highly recommend trying it!  Here is a little more about the cost break down of this superfood packed shake. 

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When should I do the 10-minute Ab workout?

I usually aim for 3-4 days a week.  This gives those muscles a little time to recover in between.

How do I count PB2?

The best option is to use real peanut butter.  The healthy fats are good for you. However, if you do use PB2 count it as a teaspoon (you can add a little bit more).

Can I do the 21 Day Fix while I’m breastfeeding or pregnant?

Yes, but check with your doctor first.  It’s a good idea to go up a calorie bracket.  This eating plan is based on eating simple, whole, and natural foods which are good for anyone at any age and stage of life.

Are there vegetarian or vegan options on the 21 Day Fix Plan?

There are more than enough food items on the list to build your plan around vegetarian or vegan preferences.  The Fixate Cookbook also provides many tasty recipes along those lines.

Can I eat out at restaurants while on the 21 Day Fix Plan?

Absolutely! 21 Day Fix is a flexible eating plan, and we understand that special occasions do come up. When eating out, try to order foods that are on the 21 Day Fix food lists. When your food arrives, estimate what a proper portion looks like, and save the rest for later.

If I can’t have mayo, what do I put on my sandwiches or in my egg salad?

I’m a huge fan of avocado and plain Greek yogurt.  Many people choose to use hummus on their sandwiches too.  You can also try making your own olive oil-based mayo (which is 21 Day Fix approved) and count it as a TSP.

Can I have flavored yogurt?

Your best bet is to stick with plain or Greek yogurt and add fruit or a natural sweetener yourself.  Pre-made flavored yogurts tend to add a lot of extra sugar and other additives.  Coconut milk yogurt can also be eaten, but it doesn’t have much protein, so count it as a yellow instead of a red.

How do I count things that are combined into one dish?

Recipes like soups and casseroles can be hard to figure out.  P. 76 of the 21 Day Fix Guide has a helpful chart with many popular dishes and their container equivalents.  Honestly, this plan is not about measuring everything in EXACT accuracy, so in many cases you can take an educated guess.  Here is a helpful article to read further.

Can I eat popcorn on the plan?

Definitely!  3 cups of popped popcorn = 1 yellow.  Here are some great recipes to try.

What about butter?

Yes, you can eat butter.  Use natural and organic butter and count it as a TSP.

Can I use My Fitness Pal with the 21 Day Fix plan?

Sure.  In you’re My Fitness Pal page go to Settings > Diary Settings — change “Meal Names:” to container colors.

And you are ready….

The 21 Day Fix nutrition plan is all about balance.  If you can maintain a clean eating lifestyle 80% of the time, then you are setting yourself up for success.  Perfection is not the goal here!  The goal is to create a healthy lifestyle that is maintainable for the long haul. 

Living out a balanced lifestyle takes balance in not just food and not just exercise, but also with support to help you follow through and stay accountable! I am now accepting new clients into my next online accountability group.  Contact me for details.

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